West siberische laika

West Siberian laika info and official FCI kennels of West Siberian Laika, westsibirischer laika, westsibirische laika, west siberische laika, laika siberie occidental, zapadno sibirskaja laika: Arctic Legend (first laika kennel in the Netherlands) and Legend of Flaxfield, recognized by kennel clubs, Raad van beheer op Kynologisch gebied NL and Koninklijke Maatschappij St. Hubertus B. Owned  for their hobby, by breeders Chris and Joep van de Vlasakker Eisenga. By this website, we like to give you more information about: the West Siberian Laika in general, our dogs and puppies and show you some photographs of our voyages from the inuit at Greenland to the Evenk in Siberia and the places were our beloved dogs come from.

All material, pictures and information seen by this website and  internet, are not allowed to be copied without written permission of Chris and Joep van de Vlasakker Eisenga. We have copy right.

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