Picture gallery

This photo gallery contains picture-fragments of years working and living together with our dogs.

Because we both work from home we are always surrounded by our dogs, and also if we travel, we are as much as possible accompanied by our dogs. In the open air, a tent, a hotel, campfire, a restaurant or a house, a horseback-trip, a boat-trip to the Mediterranean, a Kano trip on the Lesse or Amga in Siberia, a hunt on wild pig in the Ardennes or Moosehunting in Finland, a wisent-transportation to Latvia, a sled tour with our dogs on Jungfraujoch Switzerland, a wolf research in Bialowieza, smelling bears in Ukraine, A hike on Greenland, a flew with a hawk etc. to us, is really complete with the species dog.

Our dogs have been on many special places, but they didn’t care so much for that, for them it was important that they worked together and were in company of the species men.

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