Laika/puppy news

For people who prefer being outside and busy with their animals, it is much work to keep a website updated in three languages. We have to make choises, and our animals winn from the computer. That means you will get, compared to the Dutch part (nieuws), lesser updates here on the English part. But ofcourse you are free to look at the photograhps on the Dutch part for west siberian laika news: west siberische laika nieuws or Puppynews: pupnieuws of this website, to get an impression, and contact us, if you have questions.

For more recent West-siberian laika news; see our facebookpage (west siberische laika) here.

For people interested in our west siberian laika pups who live on the other side of the ocean; we do not ship west siberian laika puppies to compleet strangers, neither are we a flightcompagny who know all the latest travelcosts. Of course we enjoy to get to know you and like meeting you and help you if you are seriously interested in one of our west siberian laika puppies.

For hunters: we love to see our west siberian puppies with active suited people, we love to see our west siberian laika puppies with people who hunt together with them. But we do not sell west siberian laika puppies to people who believe they are hunters and have their dogs like a huntingtool, al week isolated in a pen, and take them out on sunday to go hunting.

For petowners: The west siberian laika is a compleet dog with a compleet natural dogbehavior, if you do not respect and enjoy this, we do not sell you a west siberian laika puppy. In that case you are better of buying a dog who is absolutely predictable, or better: a toy or machine.

For all those who are seriously interested in the west siberian laika, or one of our west siberian laika puppies and respect living together with a lovely natural dog, who have paitience to wait for their new friend and do an effort to get him/her; you are very welcome to contact us.

3 September 2013: Litterplaning

We’re already very busy planning our next west siberian laika litter. We found a wonderfull and handsome west siberian laika male for Jaduschka. We will not let you know his name yet, but will already announce that again we have to do quit some traveling.

2 September 2013: Summer-update

It’s been a long warm summer, who passed very quickly. We had lost of visitors and lots of fun with our puppies who all found a good home. west siberin laika puppie Myschka stayed with us and is growing fast. She is five month old now and already nearly as big as her west siberian laika halfsister ludmilla.

Every now and than we get news prom our puppies and see how they grow or get nice holidaypictures. Also our dogs have been on smal and bigger travels. like visiting two of our puppies in Denmark.

West siberian laika grandmother Kitaj loved to go for a swimm in one of our ponds when the weather got ot hot and als West siberian laika grandmother Lisitschka followed her example.

The huntingseason hastn’t started yet and it will tak some time before we start tracking, but with the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, sledtraining is waiting around the corner. This year also Lubas and Ludmilla are old enough for bigger tours.

But firts we organize the Laika-Doe-Dag, our anual activityday for all people who have dogs from our breeding.

We all come together and get a change to try some different type of working with our laiki. Every age is welcome and for those who don’t want to hunt track, sled, do agility, hike,  ands. it is fun to meet the litterbrothers and sisters.

Ofcourse we will provide food at the campfire. To know when, just look every now and than at the laikanews/ agenda on this site.

14 Februar 2013: West Siberian laika litterplanning 2013 has started.

14 Februar 2013 our west siberian laika female Pip was mated to the west siberian laika male Ajko. The west siberian puppies were born 17 April 2013.

4 May 2013: Eyes open and…

The west siberian laika puppies are two weeks old now, Wednesday they weight almost 1,5 kilo each, so they are growing. The eyes are open, they satrted to play with each other and walk around discovering the world surrounding them. Time for new portraits, wich you can find at the page ‘pupnieuws’.

17 April 2013: West siberain laika pups born.

Today Pippie’s West siberian laika puppies are born.

In four hours time Pip delivered without any problem 8 healthy west siberian laika puppies. 4 males and 4 females all about half a kilo weight.

7 April 2013: Ready

The west siberian laika puppies are not ready yet, but we are readt building a new litterbox. Our west siberian laika pippie already tried it.

6 April 2013: Work in progress

West siberian laika Pippie her belly is getting bigger and bigger. Her puppies are growing , and she is ‘working hard’ to makle them ready for birth wich can be very soon.

Because of te sense of ‘homedecoration’ of our Tibettan Mastiff Mimayin, there is some work for us too. Mimayin finally redesigned the litterbox, so we have to make a new one for West siberian laika Pippie who can give birth already end next week.

Cat Leeuwtje is ofcourse watching if we do it properly, like always he his nose right there were we have to work.

21 March 2013: Springtime!

Although the weather is still winter, in our house spring has started. Pippie her belly is getting rounder and rounder and she is expecting her west siberian laika puppies in a short time. Our West siberian laiki Lubas and Ludmilla will get (half) brothers and sisters.

14 Februar 2013: Valentine

It was surely valentine for us this time. Our West siberian laika Pip was sooner in heat as expected so in a rush, Chris Lisistchka and Pip, took of for Slowakia (3500km). We found a georgeous west siberian laika male. He has worked in a psychiatric klinic, but also is a excellent huntingdog! He is healthy, has a lovely character and has excellent looks.

He was everything we wished for regards to our breedinggoals. Luckily Pip liked him as much as we did, so the mating was no problem. Everything went very well and we now are looking forwarth to the west siberian puppies of this excellent combination. Made with love and……… on Valentinesday.

1 Februar 2013: Spring has started?

Although outside it still does not look like springtime, our West siberian laika females think differently and started ‘spring’. The first female came in heat, so we are already very busy. Will we get puppies from World Champion Pippie, will it be lovely Dwayka, or obedient Duschka, we still keep it as a secret. Also the male will be soon seen here on this website, but patient, and a regular look is reqeusted.

28 Januari 2013: Magazine ‘Hondenmanieren’

This time the maganize in wich Chris has her monthly collumn, now has another ‘Chris article’. Its a story about her Greenland travels, illustrated also with some of her nice pictures of that voyage.

19 Januari 2013: West siberian laika power

Although the biggest sleddogteam Chris has driven were 16 dogs, this time she was really proud. For the first time she mushed a 9 west siberian laika team.

Of course she had to change places halfway to let Joep have his mush too. Big fun for everyone; two legged and fourlegged.

11 Januari 2013: Husky drawing

After not having painted Huskies for quit some time, painting this husky of one of her costumers, was fun to do for Chris.

1 Januari 2013: Happy new year!

We had a quiet new years eve here in the forest with our visitors, peoples west siberian laika visitors and animals. We all enjoyed our dinner.

Joep and Be made a nice ride on our Icelandic horses and when they left, the remaning west siberian laiki gave us a nice new years concert.

30 December 2012: En of the year

End of another west siberian laika year her in our home in the forest. We kept two puppies to completen our pack.

They devellop very nicely and our old dogs love to play with them. Although our eldest is nearly 12, and we have some ten years old, it still is a lively and playfull pack, wich even likes to work and still do good jobs. But the best job all of them do, is being great compagnion to two people who have choosen to live out in nature.

25 June 2012: 3 Weeks

A lot has changed this week. The door is open, so our kitchen has turned into a puppiepen.

They hear the vacuumcleaner, the radio, meet our dogs and other cats, and from this week on also meet other people.

Almost everyday they get new toys, wich make other sound an feel differntly. Today they met our male Borr, who will be next.

18 June 2012: Two weeks

Two weeks have past; the puppies are nearly 3 times the size of birth, have their eyes open and start walking through the denn.

They’ve had some visitors, like our cats Poema and leeuwtje and grandmother Kitaj, who helps every now and than.

They get weight regulary, not only for being handled for inprinting to humanscent, and checking their wellbeing, but today for adjusting he amount of wormpast, they will get with their first anti-worming. Ofcourse cat Poema checks everything.

11 June 2012: Nearly doubled

One week old the puppies neirly doubled their weight. They’ve gotten their names, wich is necesairry to fill in their papers for the kennelclub.

So now we start looking at: Lada, Lala, Ladimir, Liudimir, Liubomir, Liudmilla and Lioba. Because of their individual markings, it will be not to hard to keep them apart.

3 June 2012: Puppienight

This night Pippies puppies are born, without any problem Puppie put het first litter on the world and turned out not only to be a superb Nanny for the puppies of our other females, but she’s also a superb mother to her own pups. She gave birth to 4 males and 3 females. who al are in excellent condition, weighing between 400 and 500 grams.

12 Mai 2012: Yes!

West siberian laika Alan will be father. Our West siberian laika Pippie (Arctic legend Gindigirka) is pregnant. At first it din’t show because of her strong muscles, but now it is very visible that she is heavier and rounder. We expect the Puppies first week of June and are very much looking forward to it.

At the time she was mated, to Alan the father of the puppies, she could still play in the snow. Now she is enjoying the sun here at Spineusart.

11 Mai 2012: Good news!

Finally laika Boris who was in a shelter for more than half a year, found a new home. With help from this website, he found a new home in Holland with Bob and Anita. Special thanks to Simone Brahman who helps Samojeeds who need a new home, and now helped this laika. Thanks also to everyone who made an effort in trying to find an new home for Boris and aspecially to Koos and Dia. Next week he will move to Holland.

21 March 2012: Spring; Pippie in heat!

First day of spring, is the first day our Pippie is in heat. Now we can start planning our voyage for the mating. We get a real springtime feeling, looking forward to our puppies in May!

Our Pippie (Arctic legend Gindigirka) became Worldchampion in Bratsilava, with a Russian judge and lots of laiki participating (also Russian ones). She is not only a pretty dog, but has a lovely character and is a very good ballanced dog. She is friendly and makes not only a fine pet but also an excellent workingdog.

We found a beautifull, foreign, woulfgray male for her. Who stands up to our breeding goals and is a healthy, friendly, obedient, excellent working dog.

For more information you can contact us. For more and recent photographs you can visit our gallery, more information about Pippie you find at her description and Character.

13 March 2012: Hair

Today Simone send us a picture of Laika Boris changing wintercoat. She asked us if it was normal for a laika to shed like this. I told her it is absolutely normal in springtime, to shed their wintercoat. Ouers sometimes even look worse. What I didn’t think to be normal, is that a gorgeos beautifull laika like Boris, still hasn’t found a new owner and still is in the shelter. It’s time someone suitable turnes up, because I’m sure that person will not only be suitable, but also very lucky! with a wonderful guy like Boris at his side.

15 Januari 2012: Help!

It is very rarely that adult Laiki look for a new home. Luckely our Laika-offspring never changed ownership. Boris and Igor came probably from a breeder who was not as selective as we, or simply had bad luck. They ended up in a refuge in the south of Germany and are waiting for a good new home. They are two brothers and can easely live together, but can also find each a seperate new good home. Simone asked our help for these two nice looking guys, and we hope we can contribute. For more information, you can contact us by mail or phone, or contact Simone directly at:            simone@samojede-in-not.de We hope this new year will bring a excellent new start in the life of these two Laika-boys!

5 December 2011: Black Pete

In Holland this is the evening of Saint Nicolaus and Black Pete. Pete wich, in Dutch also means as much as bird, is this time of the year the helper of Saint Nicolaus, who brings presents for the children. Here at Spineusart, we also had a ‘black Pete’ who visited us today. He didn’t bring presents, but stole some of the fresh meat and bones, whe had laying around for the dogs to eat. Our ‘black Pete’ was a raven, and a beautifull site to see together with our west siberian laiki.

2 December 2011: Old news

For those who want to see Joep with lots of hair and see one of the last pictures we made of Loupy here at Spineusart, there is a change, if you do some effort to look at the Dutch part of this website.

1 December 2011: Holidays are over?

We had quit some nice mails, telephonecalls and photographs that gave us the impression that there were quit some people who have had a holiday with their West siberian laika.

We received nice pictures of Yvonne and Frank, wich make us long for the snow to come.

Jantar and his Braird friend made a nice cano-tour, had to carry their own luggage and slept in their own tent.

Bianca went to visit our West siberian laika puppy Jewa in Beieren together with her west siberian laiki and send us a picture of Altaj making a nice retrieve out of the water.

Fam Bos, their photographs showed us that no familymember is afraid of hihgts, not even their West siberian laika.

11 November 2011: Pippie famous?

Today Be and Netty came to stay for the weekend. They brought the magazine ‘Seasons’ in which there was an artical on Joep and a project saving nature horses, and bringing them to Latvia (from wich you can see more through our website Link: www.horsenature.nl). In this magazine our West siberian laika Pippie occured between all the nice pictures of the horses. Now she follows the footstep of our other West siberian laika (Tom. Tajga, Jarky, Tuma, Tziganka, Volchok, Biryook, Borr, Dwayka, Lisitschka and Kitaj), who all are in magazine’s, books, encyclopedia and even were on national tv. Well I do not think she will be immidiatly famous, but lots of people will now see her lovely face. And next month their will be another two articals of our way of living in the ‘Seasons’ magazine.

8 November 2011: Superdog

We’ve gotten a nice update and pictures from kayuh. He passed his obedience exam cum laude and that makes him of course a little bit a superdog. At his annual vetcheck, the vet declared him superhealthy and at his huntingclass, that he does with Tanja, he is a superfast and excellent retriever, and even outbeats the retriever dogs. All together for David more than one reason to call him their superdog!

7 November 2011: Scandinavian news

From Lena and Bjorn we’ve got some very nice photographs by mail today. Their beatifull wooden house is ready and Laya loves her newe home. She has a serious job looking after the three chickens. Of course she gets tired from all this excitement and has to be in time inside to get her ‘beatysleep’. So this time not a picture of our West siberian laika puppies, but one from our Tibettan Mastiff ‘puppie’ Laya. Of course together with Lena and Bjorn.

6 November 2011: Out of the box

We’ve got a big box with old photographs. Today we installed our new scanner, so our old pictures can get ‘out of the box’. To give it a go, we started with a photograph of Albion. From now on you can see more photographs of our old dogs too not only our West siberian laika, but also the others who lived with us.

19 October 2011: West siberian laika on the tundra?

Kitaj and Pippie joined Joep and Be at their work protecting nature in Europe. Bringing Przewalski horse Greta to a nature project in germany, was a nice trip in wich our West siberian laika again proofd to be excellent travelcompagny. More pictures of their project you can see on our website for the islandic horses www.horsenature.nl

They loved meeting new people, especially the little children. Joep, who wants to have sheep in the future, was happy to let the dogs meet sheep for the firts time.

18 October 2011: Grandma

Bianca phoned us to tell us she has become grandma, well in a way. Het West siberian laika Legend of Flaxfield Altaj got puppies. Two litters were born with Rainer in beiern. This is not the only news Bianca had. She send us this lovely picture of her new cat, who got quickly accepted by het West siberian laiki Altaj and Legend of Flaxfield japaNimayu.

16 October 2011: The French arrive

Well it was just one Frenchman Borch. This Bulldog came to visit us with Marc and Brigitte who helped us getting the wintersuplies of woud for the stove. Next time we hope MArc not only brings Borch, but also sings the promised Aria.

10 October 2011: Just because

Just because we like to have our ‘West siberian laika puppies’  Itara and yermak as visitors and because we are happy that Itara survived the carr-accident so well. We like to have their picture here.

4 October 2011: Animals wellfare day

We just recently returned from ouer Scotland-Bison-Tour. We brought the European Bison we saved a wile ago, to the beautifull glenns of Alladale. Here they will get an importend role in the futere of Scotlands restoured wilderniss.

From Sandra we got a flyer of the bracelets she designed to help the poor dogs in Cuenca refuge. All the benefit of the purchase of these bracelets go 100% to the wellfare of these dogs, and already saved some of thems life. Writer Judith supports this initiatve, as we do.

19 September 2011: Snooze

Today we still are in snooze-position. We had a great Laika weekend. We are very sorry for those who had to cancel and hope the ill ones are better now and Jet her leg is healed from breaking it. Devided over two days we had rather a lot of visitors and 16 participating Laiki.

Bart gave a nice miniworkshop canaicross and explained a lot about sledding. Together with Joep he gave a demonstration with two laikateams. Afterwards the dogs wich were old enough, one by one, could be in ouer temas and work as a real sleddog. They all did surprisingly well.

Later Miriam Beckers fro dogunlimited, gave a lecture in dogbehavior and learningsystems. She also explained about clickertrainingmethods. Meanwhile the agility cours was ready, and everyone could have a ‘race’. That was fun for dogs and owners.

Joep gave a workshop hunting. He explained how to teach your dog to retrieve. All the dogs present passed their shotproof-exam very well. After explaining the work of a trackingdog, some dogs could work out a track to find a wildpigskin.

In the evening we had a nice campfire an together with the BBQ, our nice meal was assured. Some of our guests, stayed and camped in ouer house or outside in their tents.

Next day after breakfast, we went for a packsackhike to the river Lesse. Here we ate ouer lunch that the dogs carried and the dogs could run free in the forest and played in the river. We continued our hike and took a little nap in the warm sun at the southviewpoint.

17/18 September 2011: West Siberian laika-day

In the Weekend of 17 and 18 September, we plan an West siberian laika-activity-day for all the small and big ‘Spineusartpuppies’ .  You and your dog can have a taste of sledding, tracking, agility, canicrass, hunting ect. We will have a campfire and have a packsacktour the second day. You will get more information but ofcourse you can allready sign in.

3 September 2011: Treasure hunt

Use the ‘search’ , on the right top, of this website and try to find our new chapter on that explaines the puppy-treasure.

2 September 2011: Help

If you come to our activity day, please do not forget your old cat’s and dogstuff like leashes, medicine, food, blanckets ect. We gether them to help build up a new refuge in Spain. They already have to many dogs, but to littel equipment. So iff you have some you do not use, youre welcome to help the Spanisch cats and dogs.

23 August 2011: ready to lance

Today we’ve gotten a nice picture of Yermak. Although on the picture he lies quietly in his sandbox, he is not always that calm. As Dia was taking him for the first time on a litle bicicle tour, she experienced the speed a Laika can devellop. She was lanced into the Dutch landscape! and had a spectacular tour. Pitty enough we do not have a photograph of that moment, but we love to see the one we’ve got. As you can see puppies grow fast an almost one and a half year old Yermak has become quit a laika!

11 August 2011: Wolves?

We can’t put all the photographs we get on our website, but some are to beautifull to stay only at our laptop. So also this one we’ve gotten from Hetty van Berne van Hoof. She combined the head of our Volchok with a wolfpack. At our horsenature website, you can find another one of her creations.

10 August 2011: Coony summer

Our Main Coon kittens have grown and are ready to go at their new homes.

9 August 2011: summertime-sleddognews

From Marc and Annika (www.westsiberischelaika.punt.nl) we got the message that 9-10-11 September there is a sleddogmeeting in Brabant. More info you can visit the website of SSCNL

8 Augustus 2011: in the air

Our dogs are not the only one to have a website. Since today our Icelandic horses have their own website wich you can find at our link www.horsenature.nl at this site you can not only find our Icelandic horses, but as you can see on the photograph there is more to discover.

4 August 2011: prehistoric dognews!

From Rob van Zwieten we got this very interesting news. In Siberia bones have been found that seem to be the oldest proff of dogdomestication in the world. Till now was assumed dogs were about 5 thousends year living domesticated, side bu side to humans. The Siberian bones indicate a 33 000 year old domestication. This is spectacular news! and makes our Siberian Laika dogs even more interesting coming from the same area. Talked abou area’s, the oldest domesticated dog proof from Western Europe comes, not far from the place were we live; Goyet in Belgium.

22 July 2011: Danger-Duschka

Etienne sended us a horrible pictue of the poor Duschka bitten by the wasps. The nest of the wasps was in the lawn and only visible by a little hole in the ground. Duschka loves to pupt her nose into little holes in the lawn (as lots of Laiki do in surch of mice), and got a very unpleasant surprise. Lukkely Etienne saw what had happened and emedaitly went to the vet, who gave her some injections. So Duschka was lucky to survive, although in the beginning very ill and swolen, she looks much better already on the photograph. But we still want you to see her as a warnig for others to be very carefull with biting insects this summer.

17 Juli 2011: Pip on board

For Be’s birthday we had visited  Chris’s parents Be and Netty on their sailingboat. We had a nice trip and our West Siberian Laika Arctic legend Gindigirka (Pippie) joyend us on our tour. Pippie had a wonderfull time and loved to look at the passing boats, especially if thei had dogs on board too.

12 June 2011: Worldnews Miss Igra!

West Siberian laika Kara Kitaj Igra, is World Champion 2011. We congratulate her owners Marika and Julia! Igra is a daughter of our Volchok, and a her mother is a littersister of our Kara Kitaj Galka who is a daughter of our Ikar and granddaughter of our Tom. Igra’s is the eleventh official FCI title WorldChampion! , for our dogs and offspring. She shows that our descendants are not only excellent working dogs, but also have the looks.

9 June 2011: Ab fab

AB, as in Aged Beauty, is represented by the photograph we received from Carmen today. She send us a picture of her Irbis ( Arctic legend Atobys Irbis) who died not so long ago. At this photograph he is in his sixteenth year. He shows us that not only puppies can be very attractive but aged dogs certainly can have a timeless beauty.

8 June 2011: It’s getting calmer isn’t it?

Well… it is getting calmer, but not today. Today Dave, Tanja Tristan and Tirza arrived in Belvaux to get their West siberian laika puppie Legend of flaxfield Krahsney. He will leave tomorrow early in the morning, and has time to get to know his new family. The long cardrive wont be a problem because he is already used joining us on little tours in our car, also walking on leash is not new to him. The cats in his new home will have to get used to him, but he learned their language living toghether with our five cats.

26 June 2011: Busy Laika weekend

This weekend we had Bianca coming over from Germany with her West siberian Laiki Altaj and Nimayu. Together with Bianca came Antje, all the way from the north of Germany to get her Laika puppie. It was nice to see again the beautifull match between the puppies and the new owners. Antje was number five to take her puppie home, so it is getting kind of  quiet here on Spineusart. All the puppies who left home are doing fine and we get nice letters, telephonecalls and photographs to prove this. That makes it easier for us to accept. Dwayka will need a bit of extra attention, so for her it is good that we got a holidayvisitor: Dushka, who will be here till next week. She adapts very well to our pack and feels like a fish in the wathre during this busy Laika weekend. And we enyoj some more the two Laikapuppieboys running around here on Spineusart.

24 June 2011: Tibetan-Tour

Chris didn’t go to Tibet this time, but visited our Tibetans in Denmark and just came home this night. Ofcourse she made some nice photographs of Gu-tang and Laya, the two Tibetan Mastiff puppies from our Ckamaduhga that live in Denmark. Chris had a very nice, but much to short stay with Inge and Arne. She also visited Eva, who, for a change instaed of her former greenlanddogs, now had a Buhund accompanieing her. With Laikavisits to wait, Chris had to be back for the weekend.

16 June 2011: real dogs

We had quit a busy weeks, Dwayka’s puppies are growing fast. We had a lot of visitors and many children to teach the puppies how nice little humans can be. Last week, they had an official puppie character test and all past their exames! All our puppies turned out to be very social, not afraid and have will to please. Some even did apport from different things, three times bringing the objects to the testperson ( Miriam Beckers from dogunlimited).

Four puppies already left for their new homes and we get ofcourse telephone calls to say that everyone is very happy and the little dogs are doing excellent. The three puppies that are still here, play in and around the house, but always stay in our neighbourhoud and come to us when they fall asleep. They show there attachement to people. They are used to our cats, chickens and other dogs and since tast week also to the visits that our Shetlandponies bring to our kitchen door. The door is always open and the puppies keep our kitchen clean and behave well in the house, once outside they have the opportunity to be real dogs and love to play with the beautifull den, their adult packmembers made.

Some visistors came from far and five year old Indy, came with his parents even from England. He showed that even five year old people can have an excellent way with dogs. More recent new photographs of our puppies and their visitors you can find in our gallery.

Mean while on the cat’s side it is not exactly getting calmer, the kittens run around our living room exploring every corner and learning how to climb our furniture. Two times a day we let them terrorise our living until the ‘batteries’ go low; fun for everyone!

22 Mei 2011: photoshoot

No not today, but already last week as the West siberian laika pups of Dwayka turned four weeks old, we made a new photoshoot to keep you updated. All seven are doing fine and most of them were actually sitting still for the photographs. Just turning five weeks old now, the puppies have lot of fun with the backdoor open, so they can go outside and discover the whole world around our house. They’ve seen their firts chickens and met some of our other dogs and cats. Again a lot of children-visiorts came in the age from 1 year old to 72. And they came not only to see Dwayka, but also our main Coon cat Pluim gave (unexpectedly) birth to seven kittens.

We now are waiting for the seven dwarfs to arrive in our forest. The two mothers keep an eye on each other, and if laika Dwayka is outside, cat Pluim can’t resisits having a quick look at the sleeping puppies before going back to her own seven. The mothers are both doing fine and having every now and than a drink together. For more photographs from last week see our gallery pups 2011:

14 May 2011: busy-visits

Today the visistors were coming and going. Two visits planned, Chris was shopping when she heard that unexpected visistors arrived. Vet. Kathelijne and her five year old daughter Lisa wanted to see the puppies, more people in the village were curious, and even 1 year old Clement visited the pups. He joined his dog colleages and crawld around between the pups, of course under our supervision. Lucie and Wim drove ten hours just to take a look at their future dog. Henk-Jan, Petra, Kim and Ralf, spent quit some time on our kitchenfloor surrounded by cats, dogs and puppies. Henk-Jan made the photographs of the now almost 4 week old puppies from Dwayka.

10 May 2011: the big world of our kitchen

Developing very fast, Dwayka’s puppies have grown out of the litterbox. Just three weeks old their world had to become bigger and richer. I prepared our kitchen to make it puppie-safe and placed a little fence between our kitchen and living-room. I opened the the litterbox and without doubt Dwayka’s puppies slowly came into our kitchen. Sometimes puppies can shake a little and take their time for discovering a new world, but not this ones! They very soon walked all over the place, discovering new smells, sounds and rooms. they played and fell asleep there were they were, when the ‘batteries’ got low. I hope to soon show you some pictures in their new ‘world’.

9 May 2011: Back home!

Today it was a big day, especially for our Tibetan mastiff Mimayin. This afternoon we got a visist from Netty and Be, who run our special revalication clinic, were Chan stayed for over three month now. Allthough Chan was very happy to see us and his beloved pack, he was not realy fond to get out of the big Mercedes car that drove him here. His Leg has healed very well and his luxery life is over. He is back on Spineusart and back in duty guarding our property together with our mastiffs Ckamadugha and Mimayin. Ckamadugha was at first not so glad to see him, the end of the quiet life with her Mimayin all by herselves. But Mimayin loved having her rolemodel and big friend back home. Netty and Be admitted they will mis him a lot and praise his obedience and adaptation to a new life to their place.

3 May 2011: Two weeks old, time for a portrait

Today the West Siberian laika puppies of Dwayka met our cat Poema. They have grown a lot. We took them one by one outside into the sun to take their portrait. Of course Dwayka kept an eye on the situation and decided to lay in the middle. That way she could keep an eye on the litter and on the individual pups who went with us for a portret. To see more new photographs of the West Siberian laika puppies you can visit our gallery file: ‘pups2011′

28 April 2011: Eyes open

Today the first West Siberian laika puppies opened their eyes. Also for you there is a reason to keep your eyes open; the first photographs of the West Siberian laika puppies are published on this website. You can see pictures made during the birth until the most recent ones in our picture gallery in the file called ‘pups 2011′.

28 April 2011: wolves painted

Today I finished a wolf-painting. Actually it are three paintings about relationships between wolves, showing the emotional side of wolves. Mother and cubs, youngsters and male/female. The paintings are on wood panels and 2 meters high, three times 1 meter broad. In that way it they can be plaeced as separate pictures or connected together be used to devise a room. Next project wil be a painting of Icelandic horses. If you are interested in a project like this I can paint a portrait of your animals, family or a combination of both. price for a combination of three panels is 1650,- Euro’s.

I also love to paint in other techniques and you can already have a portrait for 150,- euro.

24 April 2011: easter hunt

No wild pigs, no rabbits, no hare? well this time we were hunting easter eggs and the whole family came to Spineusart. 70 easter eggs were to find and ofcourse the family not only came to hunt eggs. Everyone wanted to have a look at Dwayka’s puppies who were just one week old and started to attemp to walk. Brian, Quinnivers boyfriedn is ‘new in the family, and although Dwayka never met him before, he was alowed to sit next to the puppies and cuddle Dwayka. Although she keeps a very good eye on her puppies, she is also a relaxed and friendly mother. Jurkyj the male West Siberian laika of my sister, was not alowed to come inside the house, because of Dwayka’s puppies. he joined Borr’s pack outside in the Loupy-forest and behaved very well as usual. Later they went for a walk and had a nice swimm in the river Lesse, wich was very welcome because of the high temperature.

23 April 2011: airs and bears

Today we’ve got an unexpected visit of Yves, Sander and their West Siberian Laika Itoewa. Sander and Itoewa just came back from Canada where Itoewa lived for some time in a pack of Indiandogs and she was pretty high in rank in that pack. They slept outside and even met some bears. Back in Belgium she felt quit sure of herselves and conserning to Yves, would be to dominant to join our pack. Being a smart Laika lady she understood perfectly thet she had to leave her air and scepter at our gate, and she behaved perfectly in our pack and played with Borr and Lisitschka who gave her a warm welcome after haven’t seen her for over a year. Sander and Itoewa are on their way for their next adventure and will travel through Norway for three month. We are looking forwards to hear from their new adventures.

20 April 2011: four legs

Chan’s leg is healing well, and the hair is growing back. It was only last week that he  still could not stand on four legs, but since this week, he more often uses all his legs. He is also freed from the big plastic collar, wich didn’t seem to bother him that much but is defenitly better for the surrounding furniture.

17 April 2011: The West Siberian laika puppies from Dwayka and Bwana’s are born: 3 males, 4 females

17 April 2011: puppies!

Today, on a beautiful sunny Sunday, Dwayka’s puppies are born, three male- and four female puppies al very lively and active. We already had a springtime feeling because of all the blossom around the house here at Spineusart, but now the springtime feeling is really compleet. The first three weeks Dwayka and her pups will have a rest and after that visitors are very welcome.

15 April 2011: something going on

Dwayka, who is expecting her puppies this month, is getting rounder and rounder. She doesn’t run that fast anymore and the other dogs of our dog pack seem to know that there is ‘something’ going on. They are very gentle with her and smell a lot at her. Even Mimayin our youngest, shows that she cares by carefully washing Dwayka’s ears.

12April 2011: faced south

Dwayka has been very busy digging a hole for her puppies and her mother helps her digging every now and than. Although everything is ready inside in our livingroom, Dwayka found a great spot outside to build her ‘nest’. In the forest on a low hillside beneith some trees. A nice spot faced south and very drye, even when it rains. Her instincts are still ok.

9 April 2011: steeling

A nice walk at the beach in Holland, gave a lot of fun to Borr and Pippie. Together with West siberian Laika female Itara and male Yermak, from Koos and Dia, they ran along the waterside and played with other dogs they met. Yermak could not resist steeling, in an unwatched moment, a little bal from a shephard. Pippie loved the water and had a swim, but ofcourse Borr stayed completely dry.

4 April 2011: firts price

Today we’ve got a message from Hungaria that our offspring, Legend of Flaxfield Gwaska, got firts price at the official bloodtrack-test. Kara Kitaj Gora, a daughter from our Tuman, became best in Show veteran and her daughter Igra, became BIS of the Hungarian Clubmatch. Of course we are proud of the good results of our off spring and wish Marika and Julia, lots of succes for the future.

29 Maart 2011: x-ray day

Today our Chan, who had a serious legfracture, went back to the veterinary clinic, in the Netherlands, to check the leg he brook 8 weeks ago. Six weeks ago the metal plate, that was srewed in is his leg whith 12 screws, was replaced after it has brooken. Today the X-ray showed that he is healing well, and the exterior bandage could be removed. After a year he will be operated again to remove the interior metal plate.

Pippie: Arctic legend Gindigirka, got her official HD X-ray today and her oficial eyecheck. Both were perfect, she is 4 generations that we checked and till now all ok. So although our dogs run, jump and walk stairs a lot, they all have excellent hips. The fact that they steel some carrots from our horses, maybe contribute to their good eyes.

Puppies 2011: Laika future

About half April, we expect puppies from our West Siberian Laika Dwayka and Bwana. Both parents have excellent characters and much will to please. They are healthy and World Champion descendant. Bwana never participated in shows, but his sister was BIS Best in Show( participating for the first time on a dogshow) of the official clubmatch in Holland for Laiki and all Scandinavian breeds.

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