Since prehistoric time

The exterior and the excellent constitution of the West Siberian laika has been selected by the natural circumstances, of his habitat, for thousands of years. His friendly and universal useful character developed to what it is nowadays, because Laika-type dogs lived together with humans ever since prehistoric time.

Nature dog with a true dog-nature

The West Siberian Laika is, if his owner possesses the same qualities, stable, attached, active and very friendly company. The West Siberian Laika is not suited for two people who work fulltime, but has to be able to be part of the family-life and live together with humans. The West Siberian Laika is a maximum of nature in a maximum of dog, which means that al natural dog-behaviour still exists in the laika-behaviour. He is not suited for people who want a dog, which is selected only for blindly following their ‘master’. He is very suited for people who enjoy a useful true natural dog-nature.

irgus en friends

Meet our dogs

We like to share our experience in living together with the West Siberian Laika, ever since our Tomsky arrived (born 1987 in Tomsk Siberia), In the more than twenty years that we’ve been breeding (8 litters), we keep in close contact with a lot of our puppy-owners, and hear also their experience. We’ve got our fifteent West Laika, know a lot of Laiki who live with our friends and met hundreds of Laiki, in different parts of Europe as well as in Russia/ Siberia.


For us the West Siberian Laika is a very suited dog, but if you will be a suited owner for a West Siberian Laika, depends on different matters like: Do you allow your dog to be part of your life?, do you want to spent a lot of time with your dog? Are you strict? Are you flexible? Are you emphatic? Are you willing to get to know your dog and his language? Etc. etc.

More West Siberian Laika- owner’s experiences

Because we want our information about the West Siberian Laika to be as objective as possible, we hereby give the possibility to other West Siberian Laika owners to describe their dog(s) and experiences. In that way, an image can be created of the character of the West Siberian Laika, based not only on the experience of only one person who has maybe only for a short time or with only one or a two dogs, or only with one breeding line experience.We introduce you to our dogs and we let other West Siberian Laika owners introduce their Laika, for more information about the dogs, klik on the little pictures below:

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