Tom was a very friendly social dog, who had to be treated with ‘soft hands’. He was also very friendly to dogs, females as well as males, but if attacked could excellent defend him selves. Outsides he loved to bark, but never without reason, and he was mostly a quiet dog. He hated cats and loved a slice of soft with bread. He loved little children and was very soft with them. If necessary he would defend his people convincingly.  He was obedient and walked most of the time of leash. He did obedient -class, blood tracking, became twice World Champion, Nat. Champ, inter Champ etc., worked as sled dog, but did not like to get dirty. He did not go into water puddles and if dirty, cleaned him selves like a cat. Although Tomsky was born in a Siberian government breeding centre, and spend the first part of his life there, he immediately behaved very civilized and was excellent company to go to a restaurant or hotel. He was, a stable, sensitive dog, easy to handle for every one. A warm hart, out of the cold Siberia.

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