• Name: Taiga Sibirskaja,Taiga
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: former USSR  (Ukraine)
  • First generation descendants: Russia- Russia
  • Description:

Taiga was a very obedient dog, social and friendly dog, but she very obvious favoured her people! People she didn’t like she neglected or, in worse case, barked them of. If we were not at home, she defended ours. She loved to play with other dogs, and was friends with al of them, males or females. She could encourage even the grumpiest dog to play with her, often a big surprise to the owners of the grumpy ones. She had a great sense of humour and loved working with and for you. She immediately became my lead dog at the age of ten month old having her the first time for the sled. Later when she was fully trained, she refused other positions, and was extremely good and reliable in that position for the rest of her life. She was excellent in blood tracking, became res. World Champion, retrieved very well, she did very well in obedience and agility. She could always walk of leash under al circumstances and was very obedient. She was excellent travel company and an excellent mother to her two litters. It was great fun to have lived with a dog like her, and I will always love her, and am grateful to still have her descendants today.

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