• Name: Irgus BIS cz, Jarky
  • Sex: Male
  • Place of birth: Slovakia
  • First generation descendant: Moscow- Siberia
  • Description:

In the first place, Jarky was a very loyal faithful dog, which loved his people. He was extremely devoted to his owner. He never wandered of and always was in my neighbourhood, without asking him. If friends took him for a walk he would rush home to me once led of leash. He was a very obedient West Siberian Laika with a lot of will to please! He was friendly to al female dogs, and also to male dogs he knew that were friends. For ‘Macho’ males he had a ‘macho’ answer! Partly, explainable because of a bad experience, that nearly took his life, but partly also his character. The few times in his life that it came to a fight, he was honest, easy to handle and not revenges. Because of his great will to please, he was a good working dog. Sledding, obedience, hunting tests on wild pig, he did it al very well, always with one eye looking at his human partner. He was twice World Champion, nat. Champ, European Champ ect. and never has been beaten at exhibition. He was very reliable in blood tracking, worked slowly but very precise and always found the piece (although he disgusted dead animals). Although Jarky loved to chase cats, he accepted immediately our cats when we decided to have cats living with us. He lived peaceful together with them as he did with our chickens that we took after the cats. A magnificent dog, with a giant heart and good sense for good and evil. He taught me to trust completely the judgement of a dog. He always accompanied me on my travels. With him beside me, I always was safe. A dog I admire a lot and who gave me his lovely son Borr.

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