• Name: Ikar BIS cz, Tuman
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: Slovakia
  • First generation descendant: Moscow- Siberia
  • Description:

Tuman was a half brother of Jarky (same father, different mother). Tuman had a big heart for everyone. Always friendly to all people and all dogs, Tuman seemed like a very easy companion dog. Tuman his big love, were not his people, but, running and hunting. This made Tuman an excellent sled dog and great company for ultra walks. Running 65 km trotting was no problem for Tuman. As lead dog Tuman was very obedient, also at home or on leash Tuman was easy and obedient. Of leash you always needed an third, extra eye for Tuman! If you didn’t pay attention to him he always found something else interesting that took his attention. He smelled every game and saw every mouse in the forest. He was that social that he could finish his daily forest walk, with another dog (and another owner), that we met before. Leaving me behind, waiting for reunion at my car. He was not as loyal as Jarky, but had inherited the independency of his mother. She could be very obedient, could admirable walk of leash trough town or an exhibition, was fully trained police dog, but always did her thing and was also in need of the extra eye. His great friendliness and very social character made him beloved by everyone who met him. He was very stable, easy going and not impressed by new situations. Being raised the first half of year in a very isolated situation, he had no problem getting used in one day, to walk on a leash, visiting a big town, travel by car and sleep in hotels. A great friend with a super ability for adaptation.

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