• Name: Centa Oridzinalis, Lisitschka
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: Latvia
  • First generation descendant: Estonia- Latvia
  • Description:

Lisitschka is not friends with everyone, she picks ‘her’ people. The others she neglects or in worse case barks them of. Most people she likes and is friendly to, but to win her hart you have to be a dog person. Other dogs she loves to play with, but they have to respect her and be friendly to her daughter. Because most of all, Lisitschka is a mother! Even after years she still takes care of her ‘children’, washing them, removing ticks ect. and defends if, in her point of view, necessary. She loves puppies, even if they are not her own, she nurses them and even started giving milk when her daughter has pups. She even would steel a kitten to wash and care for. Lisitschka has a lot of will to please and is obedient. She is a good working dog, very enthusiastic lead dog sledding, without training accompanied me of leash horse back riding and loves to retrieve anything anywhere, even from the water. She is serious in everything she does. If we are not at home, no one should take anything from our home, she is ready to defend ours. This task she took automatically and without training. If we are at home she has no problem putting this task aside and everyone is welcome again. A new cat or a new chicken is no problem for Lisitschka, if we say she has to accept it, than she accepts it without doubt. Being chosen as travel company is a great honour for Lisitschka and she enjoys every car ride. She is quit a character, lovely company, but… only to her people!

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