• Name: Borr Tundra of artic sobaki, Borr,
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: the Netherlands
  • First generation descendant: Slovakia- the Netherlands
  • Description:

Borr is uncomplicated and friendly to everyone. Besides his cool and stable character he is quickly impressed by human voice. He is a soft gentleman. He is friendly and social to other dogs. He is not our best sled dog (he can sometimes make a good reliable brake). He is very sweet with puppies and loves children. It is very nice to see how gentle this big dog is with little children. Despite the fact that he is not trained he is obedient. He is a dog with a lot of possibilities, unused because of the big dog pack he lives in, and the fact that he makes such a ideal pet dog . Borr is an easy going dog, friendly, sometimes a bit independent, but always happy with human company. A very attractive appearance, which holds a lovely sweet character.

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