• Name: Volchok
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • First generation descendants: Russia- Russia
  • Description:

Outside in our ‘Loupy-forest’, Volchok is the active one, he loves people and when he sees them, he becomes so active, that he jumps up and down to get their attention. Volchok is a dog with a ‘history’ and came to our dog pack as an adult. He is social and adapted very easy in our pack. He has a lot of energy but doesn’t always translate this into work; he loves to go sledding, but mainly to join us and not for giving al he has got pulling a weight. When travelling with us he is in his element an obviously calmer. He is extremely intelligent, but this is not always an advantage. He knows exactly what to do and how to bend the rules. Although he can be with our cats and chickens in our supervision, we do not thrust him completely with them, especially when he is in the forest. He loves visitors and sometimes that much that he jumps al over them. He is res. World Champion and first place clubmatch. Although the fact that he has a lot of energy, he is obedient, attached to humans and has a lot of will to please. His pleasure eyes keep us alert and let us forget very quickly his little ‘missteps’.

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