• Name: legend of Flaxfield Darouk, Darouk
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: Belgium
  • First generation descendant: the Netherlands- Latvia
  • description

Darouk lives with Richard and jet and is the first Laika in the Netherlands to do foot tracking (human scent).

Darouk is our 6 year old West Siberian laika male. His hight (withers) is 62,5 cm and he is the son of father Borr and mother Lisitschka, two dogs out of the Flaxfield pack from Chris and Joep van de Vlasakker.

Darouk is our first dog and we could not have wished for a better, more beautiful and more loyal friend. (Who does not say that from his own dog). Darouk is very sensitive and can be handled with soft hand. He sharply keeps an eye on his owner and quickly understands his commands. He really is a peoples dog, the contact to his people is very important to him.

The Laika is not very well known yet. He has a strong constitution and doesn’t often need to go to the vet. His coat protects him against the cold and is self-cleaning. The dirt simply drops of. We never wash the dog. Also in summer we he never has a problem, because at that time he has his summer coat. The only disadvantage is maybe the shedding period, because at that time you havebags full of lovely wool.

Despite Darouk being a big dog, inside the house you nearly notice anything of his presence. He moves extremely quietly and careful through the house. He loves being lazy and to sleep for long times.

Once outside the on button is working and he changes 180 degrees. Lots of walks, joining bicycle tours, sled training, swimming he loves it.

Also he loves hunting mice, molls, ducks, and hare. Despite that he can walk of leash without problem in calm areas. We do sometimes have to pay attention to contact males, because sometimes that can be a problem. Females never are a problem and are always a joy to play with.

Resumed, a great friend to enjoy a dog life long.

Jet and Richard

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