• Name: legend of Flaxfield Dwayka, Dwayka
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: Belgium
  • First generation descendant: the Netherlands- Latvia
  • Description:

Dwayka is rarely seen in human company with her ears erected. She is very sweet, and absolutely not dominant. She doesn’t need o lot of fuss, she is very calm natured. She is very easy with other animals and social with other dogs; except when her mother is around. Than she dares to profound her selves to strangers who are less dominant than she is. She knows that her mother will always defend her and that makes her image grow. Dwayka loves to retrieve and not in the least for something eatable. Despite the fact that she is very calm and can lie quietly in the house al day. She is an excellent good working dog. In contrary to all our other Laiki, she is not fond of rides in the car. Like her father she is sensitive to human voice and only a very minimum of training made her to a very pleasant dog adaptable to al situations.

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