• Name: Arctic legend Gindigirka, Pippie
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: the Netherlands
  • First generation descendants: Latvia- Hungaria
  • Description:

Pippie is a joyful cool dog, She is a excellent nanny for our puppies. She plays with them, takes care of them and teaches them. She does this mainly together with her friend Mimayin (our Tibetan Mastiff female). Pippie ,like all our West Siberian Laiki, loves to accompany us on our travels. She joins us anywhere; running free visiting a nature-project or spending ours lying under a table in a meeting, even staying in the car for a long time doesn’t bother her. Without any show experience she became world Champion! ( Russian judge and many other Laiki participating) This was the first time for her being in a big town, seeing so many dogs and people together, which shows that she not only has the good looks, but also the stable character a West Siberian laika should have. Because she has an easy character, she also gets spoiled a little bit, she can become stubborn if we do and this keeps us awake not ot spoil her to much. She has an excellent balance between rest and action and adapts very easy to new situations. This ‘blondie’ has a lot of admirers, and not only for her looks.

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