• Name: Arctic legend Gjenisey, Jurkyj
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: the Netherlands
  • First generation descendant: Latvia- Hungaria
  • Description:

Jurkyj is a litter brother of Pippie, and like his siter very obedient. He has been trained by my brother in law who had no dog-experience. Even when the gate is open he stays in the garden and only needs a low fence. He is very social and friendly to al dogs males or females. He daily walks of leash with my sister or their kids and joins my brother in law training for running.. he is very careful with the toys he got from the children and doesn’t destroy them like many other dogs would (I see this more laiki being careful with their toys). Jurkyj lives as a big friend in the family of my sister and I leave the rest of the description up to them:

Jurkyj is super sweet, for everything and everybody, to other dogs, people (small and big). Except to mice, he treats them less careful! He loves to chase game, rabbits, badgers, deer, birds, pheasants. At that time he is less obedient, but he always returns, a matter of being more patient. At the dog school he was excellent, an example. Very intelligent. He does everything you ask from him. You only have to show him once or twice and he knows it and does it. He is very playful but can also be nicely stubborn sometimes. He loves the mountains, sun, snow and loves to hug people and other dogs too, especially females. He protects you if necessary. Besides that he is very pretty and youth Champion. So a fantastic, loyal, handsome, healthy and most important, sweet dog! Fam. Lardinois

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