• Name: legend of Flaxfield Jadushka, Dushka
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: Belgium
  • First generation descendant: Russia- Latvia
  • Description:

Also Dushka is selected by will to please and human attachment. Almost one year old, she is well balanced, playful, joyful and soft. She behaves very cool in al new situations and knows excellent how dogs and cats communicate. She is friends with everyone, loves people and greets everyone friendly. She learns very fast and seems an intelligent pupil. She is part of our pack, but lives with Francoise and Etienne, which she often accompanies at his work in the wildlife park. The following description is up to Etienne:

We already had different breeds of dogs, but no dog as attached to us as Dushka. Although she is in puberty at the moment, she is very sweet and friendly to everyone. Al our family loves her, even our daughter who was not so fund of dogs. She plays with al dogs, She is very intelligent, wich is confirmed by our teacher at the dog school, She could skip a class and understands very quickly what you mean. Outside she is very active and plays a lot, she is obedient also when she walks of leash. Inside our house she is calm and loves to lie next to our woodstove (between the wall and the stove!) She eats quietly and likes everything we eat even the fruit. She is good when we are not at home, as well when she stays inside or outside. She doesn’t like going by car, although this goes better nowadays especially when we go to Joep and Chris, were she plays with al the dogs and still behaves very well with the cats and the chickens. She has been sledding for a few times now and is natural talented. She can join us everywhere and fields at home as well in the forest as in the city. She gets a lot of admiration and sometimes people ask us if she is a fox or a wolf cub. Etienne

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