• Name: Legend of Flaxfield Djengiz, Djengiz
  • Sex: male
  • First generation descendant: the Netherlands- the Netherlands
  • Description:

Djengiz lives together with two female dogs and his big friend, German shepherd Sacha in the pack of Jelle and Jet.

Our Djengiz, is a magnificent dog, with a beautiful character. We see Lisitschka in him, the way he cares for others. Every little ingury, with any of the other dogs is being discovered by him and carefully taken care of. As no other he can point out were they have ticks. But also Borr passed his genes. The serenity, in which he approaches other dogs and is able to get the tension out of a situation, is beautiful to witness. On shows he steels the hearts of the judges, showing his teeth is not his favourite. By laying his head on the judge’s legs he likes to show his gentle sweet nature. From the energy he shows outside, running after nice and interesting smells, once inside nothing remains but a calm laziness and sometimes a forcing search for hugs a tickle and a lot of attention. Resumed, our ‘Sjeng’ is a gorgeous dog with a gorgeous character.

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