• Name: Kara Kitaj Galka, Kitaj
  • Sex: female
  • Place of birth: Hungaria
  • First generation descendant: Slovakia- Hungaria
  • Description:

Kitaj is easy to handle for everyone experienced or none experienced with dogs. Always friendly, social with people and other dogs. She is an excellent working dog and good company. But she always keeps her self esteem and her independence. She doesn’t do anything automatically and without questioning the asked. When she was younger, she knew the rules, but loved to question them. You had to tell her that they also counted this time. Although she is not our slimmest dog, she was and still is (now at the age of 10) one of our best and enthusiastic working dogs. She loves all people and is excellent with little children. Left alone in the car, we do not need to lock it, Kitaj will prevent any stranger from entering the car. Kitaj can survive in the wilderness; she is excellent in catching mice, picks berries and knows when fruit is ripe and ready to eat. Compared to our other West Siberian Laika , she is not very picky with her food, a thing that you can easily tell by looking at her. Kitaj is an easy dog and because of that does not pull a lot of attention in our dog pack, a reason the more to admire this intelligent lady.

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