• Name: Legend of Flaxfield Itatarsk, Itar
  • Sex: male
  • Place of birth: Belgium
  • First generation descendants: the Netherlands- Latvia
  • Description:

Itar lives with Veerle and Romain, and is their second Laika male. Itar came in their house when the first laika they had died after being 16 years old.

A short description of our West Siberian Laika born on 12/04/2009

Itar is a very lively dog, he loves attention and being hugged. We walk him every day for about an hour and let him walk of leash where allowed. In the forest he can do as he pleases and he loves to search squirrels. If we call him he immediately comes in a rush. He has quit some speed at that moment. You can see he very much enjoys it. Itar mostly responds very well if we cal him. At the fortress, not far from us he can go sniffing after the rabbits. He loves to join us in the car and is so happy at that moment, that you can hear him making all kinds of funny noises, so one would think he speaks a strange language.

It sometimes happens that there is another person with a dog, we can see that immediately at his reaction; he stands still or comes back to us. If he is on leash he shows his dominance to males. With females he plays a lot and licks them on their muzzle, like if he kisses them. Everywhere we go people think it is a very beautiful dog, but most people do not know the breed and think it is a Husky, some even think he looks like a wolf and that he looks dangerous.

A time ago we went t Westerloo to a Husky race. We met someone who organised sled tours in Scandinavia. He too had a Laika, it was not pure bred, it was a mix breed with a Husky. The man was interested in Itar. He told us the Laika was cleverer than the Husky, and the Laika will be also recognized as sled dog for races.

Against strangers he is friendly and immediately starts sniffing. Itar loves visitors and he is very enthousiastic. He loves to join us sitting in the chair and likes me to hold his paw. He loves to get kisses on his cheek and hold his head still to get more. Also when we talk to him he holds his head still, you would think to hear us better. He sometimes moves his head very quickly and pays a lot of attention. He loves chewing bones and to play outside. His games are somewhat ruff and sometimes he dares to get a little wilder. I went do dog school with him and there he is very dominant to other males, and they say he wants to protect me.

Commands he obeys very quickly, he knows how to come, sit, lay down, stand. Sometimes healing is a bit more difficult to him, especially when we leave from home for a walk, he is so enthusiastic and happy. On the street with al the traffic he gets a bit nervous . I few times a week I walk with him through the village. Now I have to train him to stay, so I can do my shopping in the newspaper shop or the bakery. I tried it already, but he has to see me and not to long. He has not been on the train yet.

He only watches television if he hears dogs barking, but usually shows no interest. If we are for some hours of home, he likes to amuses himselves, but never scratches the doors. If we drive past our house, we can see him sitting in the chair behaving well. We do have to be careful with what we leave on our table, because sometimes he steels something. About 8 o clock in the evening he usually sleeps, he likes to lie close to us and would like to be cuddled al day. It really is a hugger, but every now and than his own will pups up and sometimes he tries to be the boss with me. He eats very well and likes everything.

We are very happy with such a sweet dog and think our Laika likes it here and has a life like a little prince.

We do our best for our little animal, to let him be dog as much as possible.

Veerle and Romain.

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